Rajaji National Park
Rajaji is perhaps the best place in north India to observe Elephants… Water bodies near it make it a birding heaven. Explore!

Tour Dates

10th – 13th Feb 2018


25,500 INR per head

(Includes accomodation for 3 nights)

Day 1

Meet at Haridwar Railway Station around 9 AM.  Travel to our accommodation near Rajaji National park by Car.

Check-in to our hotel and have a sumptuous lunch and prepare yourself for the first safari in Rajaji National park.

Spread across 820 sq.km Rajaji National park is home to around 500 elephants. This is the best national park in India to observe elephants in their natural surroundings.  Apart from elephants, tigers, leopards, Himalayan black bear and sloth bear call this jungle their home.

Around 400 bird species are found in this national park. Enjoy a beautiful afternoon safari in this beautiful jungle.

After the safari come back to the hotel, have dinner and retire for the day.

Day 2 and Day 3
Get up early around 6 AM and start off your day with a hot cup of tea.   Morning safari is a brilliant time for Photography. At most of the grassland places, you would find inclined lighting, making the photographs stunning. Rajaji is one place where you get greens in the backdrop irrespective of the season. The morning safari lasts for around 4 hours. Come back and have a sumptuous breakfast. Participants can relax, enjoy the surroundings, have lunch and then prepare for the evening safari. Have our lunch and get ready for the afternoon safari. At about 2:30 PM, the excitement for the evening safari starts. Learn to identify the different wildlife that you encounter and their significance. Listen to the call of roosting birds, the call of eagles as they soar the evening skies, learn to identify birds by observing their wing patterns. During this, try to listen and see for any sign for the king of the jungle, the tiger. All the Jungle folks will ensure that not a single moment in the safari would be dull. At about 6.30 pm our jeeps will start racing back towards the residential area. Post-safari, the adrenalin will be pumping and all of us will be excitedly discussing what we saw and what we missed. Dinner would be ready by 8 pm and we can turn in early in anticipation of the next morning’s safari! Of course in the night we can hear calls of the barking deer of chemical or langoor warning the fellow forest dwellers the presence of the Tiger! Nights time in the jungle is really a time when everything else in life seems insignificant and you can give forget all your worries. Listen and enjoy to the sounds of the jungle at night and try to identify the bird which just gave a call or the animal that made the sound while making a hasty retreat. Indulge in a bit of storytelling, sharing your own jungle stories or listen to the jungle adventure stories that would be shared by others. Share your photographs that you have clicked in the day and learn whether any improvements are needed.
Day 4

Wake up call.  Get ready for the morning safari. Come back and have a sumptuous breakfast.

Checkout from our hotel and get ready to travel back. Around 12 noon our transport would be ready to take us back to Haridwar Railway station.

Reach Haridwar railway station by 1 PM. The tour would end here but as we head back to our home, we will always remember this beautiful place and the wonderful experience we would here with the new friends that we met on this tour.

On the foothills of Himalayas in the lap of Shivalik Hills lies the mot underrated beauty of Indian forests and perhaps the best habitat for Elephants. Rajaji National Park is home to scores of Elephants and is the best seat in wild to witness the unteamed wilderness of these pachyderms.

Rajaji National Park has 3 zones, Chilla, Motichoor and Ranipur. Chilla is most fruitful in terms of overall experience of elephants in herds, Motherhood is the home for single tuskars who rome alone in the wild. Ranipur is full of surprises like leopard sightings. 

 Rajaji also contains a conservation area by the name of “ Jhilmil Conservation Area” A little known marshy grassland just near the Rajaji National Park. It is corridor for most of animals transferring from National Park. Jhimil is literally the last piece of primordial Terai marshland to survive untouched in Uttarakhand. Pallas’s fish Eagle, Black Necked Storks and many other rare bird species can be spotted along with rare and only surviving herd of Swamp Deer of Barasingha (Cervus Duvaucelii).

 The park is home to all times of habitats like hilly ever green terrain, Grasslands, water bodies as well as swamps. The location of Rajaji makes it important place for migrants who use this forest as a passage.

With Bird count above 450 +, and Mammals like Elephants, Tigers, Leopards and Swamp Deer, along with reptiles like King Cobra and Burmese Python, Rajaji is a complete forest.

Join us on our tour to Rajaji this winter!!!

  • Accommodation for 4 days in a hotel near Rajaji National Park
  • All transfers to and from Haridwar Railway Station
  • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner for all the days while on tour
  • 6 Open Gypsy Safaris
  • All park entry fees
  • Gypsy charges
  • Guide charges
  • Camera charges if applicable.
  • Guidance during the photography sessions
  • Travel cost from your starting place till Delhi and back.
  • Personal expenses such as laundry, water bottles, cold drinks etc.
  • Gratuity/tips to guides/drivers.
  • Any item not mentioned in the inclusions.

      Please Note: Consuming and carrying alcoholic beverages on any of our tours is strictly prohibited.

  • Knowledge of the flora and fauna of the forest.
  • Approaching wildlife in the field.
  • Identification of different mammals and birds
  • Pugmark study and bird calls study.
  • Exposure control while taking photographs.
  • Framing and composition
  • Living close to nature Amazing memories Desire to explore other places
  • Please Note: During camp strictly follow the instructions of the camp leader,guide and the organizing staff.
  • Clothing related items:-Light colored clothes (preferably t-shirts, pants, track suits, salwar kameez etc),cap, scarf, handkerchiefs, socks, towel, bedhsheet.
  • Medical related items:- Band-Aid strips, washing and bathing soap, personal medicines prescribed by doctors.
  • Personal Hygiene:-Toothbrush, toothpaste, toiletories, hair cream, comb, napkins.
  • Others:-Torch (with extra pair of batteries), water bottle, sun glasses, camera.

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