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14th to 18th Mar’18           23,500 INR


13th to 17th Feb’18           28,500 INR


18th May to 20th May’18           22,500 INR


10th to 13th Feb’18           25,500 INR


7th to 10th Apr’18           25,500 INR


27th to 30th Apr’18           25,500 INR


Thanks to Nemophilist for a wonderful, memorable and a lifetime experience. We had a 3-day safari tour with Nemophilist to Bandhavgarh. For a novice bird watcher like me, it was a huge learning experience and the best tour so far. Our guide, Mr. Siddhartha was a bird expert and an excellent photographer who made this trip so special. I still use the tips he gave me for photography. The safari jeeps were always there on time and stay amongst nature was amazing. People were friendly and helpful and it felt like a trip with friends into the wilds. I hope that this friendship continues and join Nemophilist for many more tours. If you are looking for a break, I would strongly recommend Nemophilist. The tours they offer are not what you would get from any of those tour operators and few days with nature changes your whole perspective towards life.

Purba Joshi's Testimonial for TheNemophilist

Purba Joshi, Assistant Professor, IIT Powai

A tour with TheNemophilist was an amazing experience, seamlessly orchestrated and a celebration of life under the expert and passionate guidance of Siddhartha Sharma. I enjoyed the variation in activities, choice of accommodation and restaurants, the commitment of service providers (local guides, driver of the vehicle etc), knowledge, commitment and general demeanor. In my experience, this was the best tour I have been on. Very good value for money. Everything happened on time, as planned and seemingly without any effort at all (although obviously a lot of work went into assuring that). Siddhartha is very enthusiastic, passionate, professional, kind, accommodating, gracious – everything one could ever wish for in a guide. I would recommend TheNemophilist to all wildlife enthusiasts to experience each and word about them that I have mentioned here. A long-time experience highly cherished.

Rajesh Bhatia's Testimonial for TheNemophilist

Rajesh Bhatia, Investment Banker

Truly amazing and mesmerizing experience in Manas. Thank you TheNemophilist

Zeba Shaikh, Software Developer

Fantastic trip with TheNemophilist to Corbett and Manas. Learned and experienced jungle like never before. The effort they put in making a trip successful is truly commendable!

Alok Sheth, Owner-Anika Constructions

Jungle days with TheNemophilist has been an experience filled with excitement, fun and learning. They put their heart and soul to ensure your safari trips becomes a life changing experience. Big thank you Muzaffar for teaching me soo much about wildlife and wildlife photography.

Baisakhi Mazumdar, Associate Director-IDFC Bank



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We are fond of forests and its landscapes. The defnition symbolizes our deepest sincere and passionate affection towards nature and wildlife. We organize Guided Wildlife, Birdwatching, and Photographic Tours in India.

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